Working Teams

Please note all Working Team meetings for the first week of June are postponed.  We will announce the new meeting times and locations as soon as possible.

Upcoming meetings for the five Working Teams are as follows:

  • TBA

The Working Teams are designed to be permanent structures for ongoing community participation and engagement with the CNI leadership.

As authorized representative bodies, the Working Teams will aid the public leadership, community voices, investors and other parties to deliberate the priorities, strategic direction and build consensus on tough issues

The Working Teams are identified as follows.  Click on each one to sign up or learn more about the group.

  1. Housing & Blight-will address housing developments, residential zoning and density, historic considerations, housing finance, blight strategies and any other housing related concerns.
  2. Cultural Community-will address the needs, issues, and sustainability of culture in the community.
  3. Education & Recreation-will address  all youth related in-school and out-of-school issues.
  4. Economic & Workforce Development-will address employment, workforce training, and economic opportunities.
  5. Public Health & Safety-will address health concerns and needs of the community.

The goal will be for all planning, investment and decision-making opportunities to be vetted first through the respective Working Teams before becoming a final decision.

NOTE:  The Working Teams are not meant to replace existing organizations such as neighborhood organizations, churches or advocacy groups.  Rather, they are intended to be the recognized spaces that both the City and HANO will work with relative to the Choice Neighborhoods footprint.