Economic & Workforce Development Working Team

Next Meeting- 

CNI Employment Opportunities Open House- Success Preparatory Academy

Previous Meetings:

Economic and Workforce Development Employment Opportunity Open House

April 19, 2012 Meeting Notes


The Economic and Workforce working team will address:

  • employment
  • workforce training
  • economic opportunities

 What can I expect the working teams to do?

  • Work together to build consensus  and understanding across the footprint on economic and workforce development issues related to CNI and other projects within the community.
  •  Work together with Iberville Working  Team Stakeholders to identify workforce programs and initiatives to better serve the resident community.
  • Develop strategies for economic development and invite in other key stakeholders to support or advise the community based economic development strategy.

To learn more about this working team, click here.

If you did not attend the meeting on April 19th and would like to be a part of this working team, sign up here.

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