4/30/2013 Treme Community Center opens its doors The Times Picayune
4/17/2013 HANO hires VERA to implement new criminal background check policy The Times Picayune
4/16/2013 HANO, public housing residents clash at board meeting over workforce policy The Times Picayune
4/16/2013 Public housing residents accuse HANO of backing out of workforce deal, plan to protest board meeting The Times Picayune
4/12/2013 HANO encourages public housing residents to invest in homeownership The Times Picayune
4/4/2013 Claiborne Avenue study looks at removing ramps but leaving elevated expressway The Times Picayune
3/29/2013 Board member frustrated at lack of permanent building; recruitment hampered by redevelopment The Lens
3/26/2013 Public housing residents optimistic about HANO’s new criminal background check policy The Times Picayune
3/25/2013 Residents consider options for the Claiborne expressway The Louisiana Weekly
3/25/2013 HANO set to adopt new criminal background check policy The Times Picayune
3/15/2013 Iberville redevelopment threatens St. Louis cemeteries, preservationists contend The Times Picayune
3/13/2013 Orleans Parish School Board to take up pre-K and property Thursday The Times Picayune
3/12/2013 New Orleans African American Museum begins $6 million renovation The Times Picayune
3/7/2013 As New Orleans plans another streetcar line, tug of war emerges over priorities The Times Picayune
2/28/2013 New Orleans Considers Tearing Down Claiborne Expressway The Huffington Post
2/27/2013 HANO unveils mobile computer lab The Times Picayune
2/20/2013 Residents question Iberville plans, city officials tout future improvements The Times Picayune
1/22/2013 HANO defends easing criminal background check policy, to standing-room-only crowd The Times Picayune
1/22/2013 River Garden residents plan protest, demand removal of manager, quality of life officer The Times Picayune
1/22/2013 Public housing residents criticize new criminal background check policy The Times Picayune
1/15/2013 HANO to begin relocation of Iberville residents The Times Picayune
1/15/2013 HANO to change resident policy on criminal background checks The Times Picayune
1/9/2013 New Orleans Considers Removing Its Claiborne Overpass The Huffington Post
12/31/2012 Carver Theater renovation to begin in two weeks, finish in September The Times Picayune
12/26/2012 Circle Food Store secures funding, set to open at end of summer The Times Picayune
12/18/2012 Student on bus injured after shooting near Iberville Housing Development
12/14/2012 Discovery of Human Remains Delays Iberville Redevelopment WWNO
12/13/2012 Human remains from centuries ago found in path of progress Fox8
12/13/2012 Discovery of human remains delays Iberville redevelopment The Lens
12/1/2012 Buy, Sell or Hold? Analysts scrutinize local housing and the economy New Orleans Magazine
11/28/2012 New Orleans community meetings will consider future of Claiborne Avenue corridor, elevated expressway The Times Picayune
11/25/2012 Program to move homes from LSU-VA hospital site, rehab them, remains in disarray The Times Picayune
11/8/2012 HANO negotiating to purchase Israel Augustine Middle School, redevelop it into youth career center The Times Picayune
9/18/2012 HANO approves more market-rate apartments at new Lafitte housing complex The Times Picayune
8/28/2012 New Orleans post-Katrina gentrification is touchy Deseret News
7/22/2012 Photo of boy in public housing with an iPad prompts debate over what the poor should have The Times Picayune
6/1/2012, updated 6/14/2012 Plans underway to overhaul Iberville Housing Development Fox8
5/31/2012 Iberville public housing redevelopment discussion is short on answers The Times Picayune
5/31/2012 Mixed feelings at meeting held over future of Iberville housing complex
5/31/2012 Iberville public housing redevelopment plans revealed Fox8
5/31/2012 Housing Authority of New Orleans to present draft plans for Iberville Complex The Republic/AP
5/30/2012 Iberville Community Meeting on Thursday The Times-Picayune
5/15/2012 Housing Authority of New Orleans board meets at 10:30 a.m. The Times-Picayune
4/19/2012 Relocating public housing residents must be done responsibly, study says The Times-Picayune
4/17/2012 Iberville housing complex redevelopment has its wheels set in motion The Times-Picayune
4/17/2012 Housing Authority to approve four Iberville-related items The Times-Picayune
3/29/2012 Choice Neighborhoods meant to improve shortcomings of HOPE VI The Times Picayune
3/14/2012 HANO toughens requirement on hiring local workers for New Orleans public housing work The Times Picayune
3/5/2012 Treme Community Center is getting new life The Times Picayune
3/1/2012 New Orleans council rezones vacant lot near French Quarter for park The Times Picayune
2/22/2012 Two low-income developments planned for Canal St. downtown
1/22/2012 Texaco Building on Canal Street renovation financing approved The Times Picayune
12/20/2011 NORDC TO LAUNCH TEEN COUNCIL TODAY City of New Orleans
11/14/2011 1941: The first public housing complexes are built in New Orleans | The Times Picayune
9/24/2011 Learn from mistakes on public housing: James Perry The Times Picayune
9/20/2011 HANO approves $311 million budget The Times Picayune
9/11/2011 Rebirth of upper Canal Street could be sparked by Iberville overhaul The Times Picayune
9/4/2011 Neighbors of rebuilt public housing see reduced crime, study says The Times Picayune
9/2/2011 HUD will help five cities redo troubled neighborhoods New Urban Network
9/1/2011 Heart of New Orleans in for major overhaul The Times Picayune
9/1/2011 City receives $30.5 million HUD grant to redevelop Iberville The Gambit
9/1/2011 The future starts at home in Iberville: Shaun Donovan The Times-Picayune
8/31/2011 HUD lends support to Iberville revitalization Fox8
8/31/2011 HANO gets $30.5 million to re-do Iberville public-housing complex The Times-Picayune
8/4/2011 New Orleans unveils fresh model for housing the poor USA Today
8/1/2011 B.W. Cooper residents help rebuild development The Times Picayune
7/16/2011 HUD divides $45.5 million in grants among Louisiana public housing authorities The Times Picayune
7/4/2011 The Iberville housing complex is set to get $589 million renovation The Times Picayune
6/14/2011 HANO eyes grant to rework Iberville Housing complex despite protests
4/28/2011 Iberville developer eyes Lafitte Greenway linear park for obligatory off-site housing The Lens
3/18/2011 Iberville public housing development is finalist for federal grant The Times Picayune
3/3/2011 Federal award or not, Iberville redevelopment to move forward on tax-credit financing The Lens
3/2/2011 HANO Official: Iberville makeover a certainty even without federal aid The Times Picayune
10/31/2010 Iberville housing complex area: the next Lakeside Shopping Center? The Times Picayune
10/9/2010 Iberville residents urge caution about proposed redevelopment The Times Picayune
9/29/2010 HRI and C.J. Peete developer chosen for Iberville work The Lens
9/29/2010 HANO picks partnership for potential Iberville redevelopment The Times Picayune
9/24/2010 Iberville public housing residents want say in redevelopment The Times Picayune
9/23/2010 Landrieu says a redeveloped Iberville could be “one of the greatest neighborhoods” The Lens
9/14/2010 Deadline for Iberville redevelopment plans passes*
9/13/2010 HANO closes applications to redevelop Iberville complex The Lens
9/9/2010 Iberville public housing redevelopment grant sought The Times Picayune
8/27/2010 Iberville redevelopment quietly gets under way The Lens