Different Characters in Lol: Riven Combo

There are a lot of different characters in LoL (League of Legends), and each one plays the game in a different way. Different from them, Riven stands out because of the complex routines she can do and the animation-cancelling moves she uses. The goal of this tutorial is to help you figure out what makes Riven so powerful, with a focus on the important combos and animation cancels that can change the direction of any game.

Different Characters in Lol: Understanding the Pairs Riven Made

Before getting into the more complicated Riven combos, you need to make sure you know how to do the most popular ones. For example, the “Normal combo,” the “Fast combo,” and the deadly “Doublecast combo” are all types of combos that can be used in different ways. When used together with stopping animations, these combos could make Riven a very tough opponent.

Different Characters in Lol: Getting trained is the key to success.

To become a Riven master, you need to put in time and practice. Don’t give up if things don’t go as planned at first; becoming a winner is a journey. If you want to play her in ranked games, you shouldn’t pick her until you fully understand how she works. At this point, let’s look into the basics.

Learning about the things Riven can do

You should learn Riven’s skills so that you are ready to break out combination attacks. All of Riven’s skills, from the passive “Runic Blade” to the final “Blade of the Exile,” make him stronger overall. I especially think you should spend some time getting used to how each power works if you are new to Riven.

Different Characters in Lol: An Analysis of the Parts That Make Up Riven Combos

How Usually It Works

  • Make use of Q to hurt people and knock them out.
  • Add auto-attacks in between your Q-casts.
  • When you hit with W, you do more damage and stun the enemy.
  • Use the letter E to get a shield in a smart way.
  • Double Conveyor
  • For smooth transitions, it’s important to be able to do skills like W and E fast.
  • If you use both E and W at the same time, you should know where W starts.
  • Whole Combination
  • To mix the Normal and Fast combinations, press the R (ultimate) button.
  • You can start a surprise attack by stopping the animation of R with E.
  • Follow a set of Q, auto attacks, W, and E moves to reach your strategy goals.
  • You will definitely get the kill if you finish with a strong R.
  • This article will teach you how to stop animation.
  • If you learn how to master motion canceling, you can get better at Riven. There are two very important tricks:
  • Ultimate and E together
  • In order to skip the ultimate’s animation, you must time your E right after you press an R.
  • Close the gap between you and your enemy as soon as possible.
  • The autoattack animation has been stopped.
  • To do more damage, hide your auto strikes between your Q hops.
  • By hitting Q right before your auto attack hits, you can make a smooth change to the next Q animation.

Last Thoughts

If you want to be good at using Riven, you need to get good at her combos and animation cancels. As you keep practicing these techniques, they will become second nature to you and you will be able to easily beat your opponents. It’s important to remember that getting good at Riven takes work and practice. So keep AGENGACOR working on your skills on the rift!