Miya the Moonlight Archer: Five Best Miya Counters

It’s important to remember that every hero has at least one weakness, even Miya the Moonlight Archer, who is a strong enemy in Mobile Legends. Take a look at this list of five strong heroes who can make things hard for Miya on the battlefield.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: Saber, which is also called the Swift Striker

It doesn’t take long for the hero Saber to close the gap between himself and Miya. He is quick and agile. He is a very dangerous enemy because he can handle large groups of people and deal a lot of damage in a burst. It’s best to use Saber’s skills in a planned way to catch Miya off guard and get her down quickly.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: The Shadow Assassin, who is sometimes called Lancelot

Lancelot is a problem for opponents who are trying to use Miya because he can move quickly and deal a lot of damage all at once. Due to his ability to quickly enter and exit battle, Lancelot is able to easily avoid Miya’s attacks while also doing a lot of damage. If the Lancelot player is better, they can keep Miya on her toes the whole game.

She is also known as the Sniper Queen as Lesley.

Lesley is the perfect person to fight Miya because she can hit her from far away. You should plan your position, use Lesley’s passive skill, and aim for accurate shots to slowly drain Miya’s health from a safe distance. Because Lesley does a lot of damage all at once, Miya will not be able to win a long-range fight.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: The Stormy Enforcer, who is also known as Kaja

  1. Kaja has to be careful when dealing with Miya because he has the power to control others and make them powerless. Kaja’s skill at controlling large groups of people should use to stop Miya’s attacks and leave her powerless. Together with your team, create chances for your friends to kill Miya as quickly as possible. This is the best way to use Kaja’s control.
  2. The Tank for Wrestling, also called Franco
  3. It’s possible that Franco’s powerful grappling hook could turn the tide against Miya. The hook should use to move Miya out of the way so that she can hit by the strikes your team is making. Because Franco is strong, he can keep up with Miya’s attacks and also make it easier for his friends to get kills.
  4. To sum up, conquer through smart planning
  5. To beat Miya in Mobile Legends, you need to plan ahead and use the unique skills that each of these five heroes has. One of the many skills that each hero brings to the table is their unique set of moves and skills. Some examples are Saber’s quick attacks, Lancelot’s sneaky moves, Lesley’s pinpoint accurate shots, Kaja’s thunderous dominance, and Franco’s wrestling strategies.
  6. You can successfully counter Miya by experimenting with these characters. Learning about what they can do, and changing how you play. It is important to remember that you need to talk to your team. In order to plan strikes and take advantage of the Moonlight Archer’s weaknesses.
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