Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Winning

If you’re into new video game trends, you may have heard of Auto Chess, which is the hottest new thing in online gaming right now. Don’t be fooled by the name; it’s not chess at all. In fact, it’s a lot trickier than that. Before you enter the Auto Chess stage, let’s go over some basic rules to make sure you’re ready to win.

What Does Auto Chess Really Mean?

Auto Chess began with Dota Auto Chess, a DOTA 2 mod. Because it was so famous, Valve made a separate game called DOTA Underlords. A game called Teamfight Tactics from League of Legends also joined the fun.

How to Pick Your Auto Chess Adventure

Beginners should think about DOTA Underlords because it is easy to get started with. If you’re good at League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics might be your first choice because it has well-known players.

How to Play Auto Chess: It’s Not Really Chess!

Auto Chess is like a small competition with eight people. In each round, people go up against each other, and in some, they go up against computers (PvE), where you can get valuable items. Put heroes on the board who have special skills and stats. Winning rounds depends on how strong your heroes are.

Health Points: They keep you alive in the game.

Each person has 100 health points to begin with. If you lose a match, your health drops based on how many heroes your opponent still has. Tip for strategy: losing at first can be good for you in the long run.

How to Understand Heroes: Races and Classes

Heroes are grouped by race and class (Defense, Attack, Support). Heroes from DOTA 2 are used in DOTA Underlords, while League of Legends characters are used in Teamfight Tactics. It’s important to make sure your team has the right mix of powers.

Combining heroes in synergy to boost their power

When heroes of the same race or class work together, they get great synergy bonuses. To win the game, put together a team that works well together. This game called DOTA Underlords helps new players understand these bonuses better.

Money and player level are important.

Start at Level 1 and get one level every round until you reach Level 10. How many heroes you can use is based on your level. To buy heroes, you need money. You can get it by winning matches or losing on purpose to get cash.

Early, middle, and late game tips for auto-chess

  • Strategy for the early game

  • Defense Heroes are great for the first few rounds against computers, so stick with them.
  • Improve Heroes: For better numbers, combine three Level 1 heroes into one Level 2 hero.
  • Lose in a smart way: Losing early games will help you get gold, which will help you build a strong team for later in the game.
  • Tips for the middle game

  • Study Your Opponents: To beat your opponents, you need to know how they do things.
  • Don’t keep losing streaks: Stop your opponents from getting gold bonuses by ending their string of losses.
  • Tips for the late game

  • Dump or Not to Dump: Choose whether to get rid of all of your heroes for a strong stand or save some for later games.
  • You should start a losing streak if you’re winning but don’t have enough cash. This will help you get more cash.

How to Pick the Best Gaming Gear for Auto Chess

Lag-free play is very important in the fast-paced world of Auto Chess. If you want to play Auto Chess on the go with Slotasiabet, an HP OMEN game laptop with a fast processor will make sure you don’t miss a beat.

With these tips in hand, you can dive into the exciting world of Auto Chess and win!